Chinese talent show star dies in plastic surgery accident

Thursday, November 25, 2010

BEIJING - A 24-year-old woman who participated in a popular Chinese talent show has died while undergoing a plastic surgery, a media report said Thursday.

Singer Wang Bei, who participated in the “Super Girl” show, died Nov 15 in an “anaesthetic accident” during a plastic surgery in central Hubei province, China Daily reported.

A spokesman for the health bureau in Jiang’an district has confirmed the news about Wang’s death, which spread quickly on the internet.

But many of Wang’s fans couldn’t believe she was dead. They said the news was malicious while some others suspected Wang deliberately spread the news to attract attention.

Wang’s mother, who took the same cosmetic surgery to narrow her lower jawbone, is currently recovering in Zhong’ao Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

Wang’s death has triggered concerns about the safety of plastic surgery in China. “I wonder who would dare to get plastic surgery after hearing about this tragedy,” internet user Ye Xiaolun said.

As demand for plastic surgery surges in China, some doctors who are not trained in the field are carrying out plastic surgery, which is risky and irresponsible, said Zhang Huabin, a professor of plastic surgery with Guangdong Medical College.

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