Sheen ‘considering rehab with family in Ireland’

Sunday, October 31, 2010

LONDON - Charlie Sheen is apparently contemplating rehab with family in Ireland to get clean and sober after his latest cocaine and booze-fuelled rampage.

Sheen, 45, has a network of relatives on the Emerald Isle thanks to his grandmother Mary Anne Phelan, who emigrated to the States from County Tipperary.

His father, veteran actor Martin Sheen, who returned to Ireland four years ago to complete an adult university degree course, begged him to take advantage of family ties there.

And yesterday Sheen’s cousin Teresa Phelan said he would be welcome to stay with her in the village of Kilbarron.

“It’s a much quieter life down here and he could walk around without being bothered by anybody,” the Daily Star quoted Teresa who has remained in close touch with Sheen’s father, as saying.

“He needs to look after his health and avoid the limelight.

“Living here for a while would be a good thing for him to do,” she added.

Sheen could fly to Ireland next week with his father, who is -scheduled to start shooting a new movie, Stella Days, in the nearby town of Borrisokane.

Together, Martin and Teresa hope they can persuade out-of-control Sheen to enter the upmarket and -secluded Northfields rehab centre in Clonmel. (ANI)

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