Murray’s lawyer fights wrongful death suit filed by MJ’s father

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WASHINGTON - Dr. Conrad Murray’s lawyer is fighting a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s father, insisting the patriarch has no grounds to sue.

Joe Jackson filed the claims against Murray in August this year, accusing him of administering the fatal dose of the anaesthetic Propofol, which led to the singer’s death in June 2009, reported.

Joe, who is seeking unspecified damages from the doctor, produced sworn statements regarding the Thriller hitmaker’s financial records to prove he was being supported by his son at the time of his passing, claiming they give him the legal standing necessary to pursue the wrongful death suit.

A sworn statement submitted by Jackson’s alleged former manager, Leonard Rowe, claimed the superstar’s mum Katherine acted as his agent and handed over cash to Joe to help cover his living expenses.

Other court documents, including a declaration from Joe’s lawyer Brian Oxman, stated the singer was paying Katherine 50,000 dollars in the early 2000s, but later upped the amount to 66,000 dollars, to take care of the family patriarch too.

But Murray’s lawyer, Charles Peckham, is appealing to have the statements thrown out of court - because the claims are based on hearsay and cannot be officially determined.

Peckham also questions Oxman’s credentials in newly filed court papers, dismissing him as an “incompetent legal expert”, and doubts whether Rowe ever officially served as Jackson’s adviser.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter stemming from Jackson’s death and is awaiting a preliminary hearing in January (11) to determine if he will face trial. (ANI)

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