Ken Olin Appeared In “The City”

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Los Angeles ( Ken Olin, the father of MTV reality show actor Roxy Olin appeared on the series “The City”. Last week on “The City” the professional relationship between Whitney Port and Roxy Olin’s took a bad turn where the latter moved out of the apartment. “The City” showed that Roxy Olin went to her father Ken Olin for help.

In “The City” homeless Roxy Olin’s financial woes forced her to ask her director father, Ken Olin for help. Ken Olin, however refuses to lend his daughter the money. The incident that led Roxy Olin to leave her apartment was that Whitney Port blamed the former for a fashion disaster regarding a jacket and said that Roxy Olin could have avoided the incident if she wanted to. It came as an insult to Roxy Olin and she left the apartment and went to stay with a friend named Sam. In New York City it is difficult to find a place without heavy financial backups and hence, she goes to her father for help with her rent.

Ken Olin of “Thirtysometning” fame however, like a strict father did not think that giving the daughter money would help her at all. He instead asked her what she wanted to do and suggested that Roxy Olin should come back home where she did not have to pay the rent. The father said that he would not help her anymore by paying her bills. Roxy Olin however did not like what her father said and left the place. The MTV reality show “The City” is getting interesting with each episode and it has managed to hold the viewers attention.

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