Faris’ Meltdown After Divorce

Sunday, September 20, 2009

ANNA FARIS went into meltdown after her divorce - frequently drinking, refusing to wash, and flirting outrageously in nightclubs.

The Scary Movie star wed Ben Indra in 2004 after they met on the set of movie Lovers Lane, but she filed for divorce in April 2007.

The actress admits the marriage break-up hit her hard - and she tried to compensate with a wild, party lifestyle.

She says, “I tend to be a serial monogamist. But the next thing you know, I’m single and living in an apartment full of potato chips, mustard and tons of beer. I wore this grubby Garfield t-shirt and these baggy jeans all the time.

“Personal hygiene? Nah. I would talk to my cat, I was drunk all the time. I would go to bars alone. I would talk to guys and be like, ‘Sooo, what’s your story? You wanna go out?’ If they turned me down, I’d be like, ‘So, what’s your friend like?’ It was a very selfish time in my life but also strangely liberating. I felt weirdly empowered.”

Faris later remarried, exchanging vows with actor Chris Pratt earlier this year (Jul09).

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