Owen Wilson shows ill manners, breaks line to enter an eatery when people kept waiting

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

NEW YORK - American actor Owen Wilson stepped on the toes of many people who were waiting in line at an eatery, when he decided not to wait for his turn.

The 40-year-old star was standing in line with other people for vegan takeout at One Lucky Duck, on East 17th Street, when he got fed up with waiting and decided to head straight for the kitchen.

“He bypassed the line, walked straight into the kitchen and placed his order,” the New York Post quoted a source as saying.

“I guess he thinks be cause he’s Owen Wilson he doesn’t have to wait,” the source said.

But a representative for the actor has defended the move, saying that it was unintentional.

“If it indeed happened, I’m sure it was inadvertent,” the rep said.

And eatery owner Sarma Melngailis also sided with the actor, saying that he could wander into the kitchen anytime, as he is a friend.

“He’s a friend . . . and it’s perfectly normal for him to come wander about in the kitchen . . . Nothing for people to get miffed about,” she added. (ANI)

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Grant Neighbors
March 1, 2010: 9:30 am

Owen’s “Ill Manners” show up again-
Grant Park says PASS REVOKED! to Owen and Production Crew of Hall Pass.
While filming Hall Pass in Atlanta’s Historic Grant Park last week, Owen Wilson and crew showed homeowners and onlookers alike what type of people they really are. Owen informed the owners of one home, via a movie employee none-the-less: “Do NOT speak to him.” As well, he told others himself “BE QUIET! I am in MY ZONE.” Well bless his heart. He is fugly in more ways than one…
As a true Southerner I was raised to have manners when dealing with people, especially when someone has opened up their home to you. Grant Park being our home, we knew that we would have to deal with street closures and traffic congestion for your production, yet we welcomed you and yours as our guests. But no one warned us to expect your rude behavior, and even theft by the crew members. Yes, “Hollywood” people, water is not free in Atlanta, Georgia. So using the faucet at the Grocery Lofts on the 500 block of Grant Street without permission isn’t acceptable. Nor is the loading of your trailers just 10 feet from people’s bedroom windows until after 1am in the morning. Here in Atlanta, we call that RUDE.
Did it not ever occur to any of you that the people who live in this area WORK on Friday mornings? Work that we must do so that we can PAY for the water you were using, as well maintenance and taxes on the houses and streets that YOU chose as your backdrops and set? Apparently it didn’t, so we must say “Ya’ll are no longer welcome in OUR zone!”

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