Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes ‘renegotiating marriage contract’

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SYDNEY - Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes are reportedly renegotiating their marriage contract.

According to US magazine Star, the couple’s contract will expire this month on their third wedding anniversary, and Holmes is said to be increasing her demands on everything from her clothing allowance to her negotiated fee for providing a sibling for the couple’s daughter, Suri.

According to Woman’s Day, the 30-year-old actress has called in her lawyer father to help with her demands for an extra 500,000 dollars for supporting Cruise’s chosen religion, Scientology, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

She’s also demanding an increase in her annual clothing allowance from 750,000 dollars to 2 million dollars.

Holmes has also asked for a role in the next ‘Mission: Impossible film’.

Famous magazine has reported that Holmes received 3-million-dollar bonus from Cruise when she gave birth to Suri.

And now wants more children and “increased the additional offspring offer as an incentive for Katie to get pregnant again”.

Cruise is apparently ready to pay up to 5.5 million dollars to Holmes to fall pregnant, with a 2 million dollars bonus if she conceives by 2011.

However, according to the mag, Holmes wants at least 11 million dollars if she gives birth and 5.5 million dollars if she tries nd fails. (ANI)

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December 4, 2009: 12:09 pm

I am not sure if any of what i just read about these two is true, but if it is, OH MY GOD KATIE AND TOM NEED HELP! Mental cases, imagine, wanting payment for things!!! What is wrong with you two???????????????????????????????????????

November 15, 2009: 6:48 pm

i dont think we should believe anything we read about the famous people of the world…IM SURE THEIR MARRIAGE IS NOT AS IS PORTRAYED.

November 15, 2009: 2:25 am

Ok she deserves the increase in her ‘wife’ salary. She has to put up with that freak.

It is very strange that throughout the reading I couldn’t help but notice the tone is rather nonchalant, as though this was normal behaviour. Hell if it is, then I need to see to a marriage contract too! I heard of pre-nups of course but payment for things that couples do anyway? Weirrrrrd.

November 6, 2009: 11:38 pm

My thoughts on this are that Katie is a paid whore. No woman should be paid to have a child with her husband. That is a really sad and terrible situation. Someone should take Suri out of this horrible “family situation.”

November 4, 2009: 4:59 pm

What kind of marriage does one have if they have to renegotiate a marital contract. This seems absurd to me. Is this what our future has come to. Who in there right mind signs a contract of marriage with the promise of a payday…What ever happened to marrying for love. Hello Love you do know what that is don’t you.

November 3, 2009: 9:57 pm

Geez this doesn’t sound like a marriage in any sense of the word.
a “negotiated fee for providing a sibling for the couple’s daughter, Suri”. What the heck is that?
I thought when two people were in love made a family together for the joy of it and not for money?
I guess I must be old fashioned or something.

Sad for the child involved to be involved with such nut jobs for parents.
Really sick to say it mildly.

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