“Power Ranger Samurai” Premieres
LOS ANGELES ( "Power Ranger Samurai", one of the most popular children's program was premiered on Nickelodeon, on February 7.
“Spongebob Legends Of Bikini Bottom” Airs On Facebook
LOS ANGELES ( The 12 year old popular marine creature, Spongebob is all set to get more tech savvy.
‘Fred The Movie’ Airs On Nickelodeon
LOS ANGELES ( YouTube sensation Lucas Cruikshank has finally hit the American TV screens and fans of the grown up 6 year old were treated to some goofy and crazy humor on Saturday night as 'Fred The Movie' was aired on Nickelodeon.
‘The Boy Who Cried Werewolf’ On Nickelodeon
LOS ANGELES ( 'The Boy Who Cried Werewolf' is a new Nickelodeon film that takes a different approach to werewolf vampire tales which the teenagers are sure to find refreshing.
Caitlin Sanchez Former Voice of Dora the Explorer Sued against Nick
LOS ANGELES ( -- Caitlin Sanchez is the 14 year old girl who used to deliver her voice to the famous character in Nickelodeon's hit animated series "Dora The Explorer".
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