‘The Chicago Code’ Premieres
LOS ANGELES ( The latest presentation by Fox network is the police crime-procedural show "The Chicago Code" that was premiered last night.
‘American Idol’ Apology Over Steven Tyler’s Remarks
LOS ANGELES ( The Fox musical reality series "American Idol" is known to have hogged the spotlight in more occasions than one for the fair share of controversy that it is often associated with.
Raising Hope: Whats New in This New Fox Comedy Show?
LOS ANGELES ( -- Fox has just kicked off with its new comedy sitcom "Raising Hope" on Tuesday night at 9pm.
‘Ghost Whisperer’ Canceled
LOS ANGELES ( In spite of the network deciding to pull the plug on the next season season of 'Ghost Whisperer', fans who will miss Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, have a lot to look forward to as Fox is, reportedly, discussing a new comedy for the gorgeous actress.
Charles Leaf Arrested
WYCKOFF ( Fox 5 newsman Charles Leaf was arrested earlier this week over charges of sexually assaulting a minor.
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