Al Pacino

LONDON - Veteran actor Al Pacino is set to play the lead role in "Masterpiece," a film about legendary French painter Henri Matisse.

LONDON - Actor Javier Bardem has an unusual memento from the first time he met his idol Al Pacino -- he took a photo of his own overexcited face.

LOS ANGELES - Acting legend Al Pacino and actress Claire Danes have won the best actor and actress Golden Globe gongs respectively for mini-series or a motion picture made for television.

LONDON - Robert De Niro has topped the list of actors who have died the most in their movies.

LONDON - Al Pacino has revealed that director Francis Ford Coppola wanted to sack him from his iconic role as Michael Corleone in 'The Godfather' but late Marlon Brando helped him keep it.
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