Bardem’s special photo reminds him of Pacino

Monday, January 24, 2011

LONDON - Actor Javier Bardem has an unusual memento from the first time he met his idol Al Pacino — he took a photo of his own overexcited face.

The movie legend was impressed with Bardem’s role in 2000s “Before Night Falls” and contacted the director Julian Schnabel to arrange a meeting with the Spanish star, and Bardem admits he was overwhelmed at the prospect of speaking to Pacino, reports

He caught the moment prior to the meeting on camera, so he would always remember his excitement.

“I remember waiting in the restaurant in Toronto for him to arrive. And Julian called to say that Al would be there in two minutes,” he said.

“I ran into the toilets and took a picture of my face, just to grab that face forever. And I looked like a teenager going to meet the Jonas Brothers. Like, ‘Aaaahhhh!’ And panting. Of course, he came in, was really nice and I couldn’t even pronunciate any words… I’ve met him many times since. And it’s always the same,” he added.

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