Emmy Rossum speaks of sex scenes on TV series ‘Shameless’

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WASHINGTON - Actress Emmy Rossum has during an interview spoken out about the sex scenes that were filmed on British drama television series ‘Shameless’.

Rossum, 24, spoke about how to make sex look good on screen with talk show host Chelsea Handler on “Chelsea Lately”.

“It doesn’t make sense that the character would wear a bra and care at all about what she looks like when she’s having sex,” Fox News quoted Rossum as saying.

“Sex is meant to feel good, and she wants to feel good. Her life is so sh***y in so many ways. Some people use alcohol, some people use gambling, and some people use sex,” she said.

Rossum also explained to Handler about how to prevent sex scenes from going from “R” to “XXX” in a hurry.

“It’s a slippery situation. We like it to be realistic but not real, so I wear something … it’s like a little triangular kind of panty liner,” she said.

Handler asked her: “So you stick it on you, so that area is covered?”

“Yeah! And the guy wears, like, a sock,” Rossum said. (ANI)

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