Taylor Swift wants to take ‘crazy’ Katy Perry to the prom

Friday, December 24, 2010

WELLINGTON - Taylor Swift, who is rumoured to be dating actor Jake Gyllenhaal, has revealed that ‘crazy’ Katy Perry would be at the top of her wish list of prom dates.

The American country singer, who has just turned 21, admitted she would like to take host of high-profile celebrities to the event given the chance, but neglected to name Gyllenhaal in the line-up.

The blonde-haired beauty would much rather take Katy on a romantic date than her 30-year-old love interest.

“It would be a group, and it would be a really fun group. Because all these different reasons. Well, Katy Perry would be so much fun. She’s just like crazy fun and like spontaneous,” Stuff.co.nz quoted Taylor as revealing on a January 3 episode of the Rachael Ray show.

Other invitees to Taylor’s prom include American musicians P Diddy and Justin Timberlake.

To create the ultimate glamorous impression, Taylor would bring Jennifer Lopez to tear up the dance floor and entertain the crowds.

“Diddy has always been very nice to me. Justin Timberlake is the same way, he’s really funny. And, Sheryl Crow is really down to earth and really cool. And like, J Lo would be a really good dancer!” Taylor explained. (ANI)

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