Melissa Gilbert thinks Miley Cyrus wanted bong video to get leaked

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NEW YORK - Former child star Melissa Gilbert thinks that Miley Cyrus personally wanted her bong video to get leaked.

“How high do you have to be to let a friend film you? I think she wanted to get caught,” the New York Daily News quoted her as saying.

The “Little House on the Prairie” star also doubted that Cyrus was smoking Salvia, as sources claimed to TMZ Friday when the tape was posted online.

“That’s bullsh-t! I think it was marijuana,” she told AOL News.

Not only did the 46-year-old grow up in the spotlight, she’s also a former drug addict - and a current celebrity spokesperson for The Partnership at

But Gilbert isn’t blaming Cyrus, or her parents - even after dad Billy Ray admitted he had “no idea” his daughter was doing drugs.

“I’m part of the first generation of people who can’t say they didn’t know the dangers of drugs,” she said.

“But even though my stepson had four parents, all of whom had experience with drugs, we [missed] it! Kids are very crafty at hiding stuff. If we can miss it, anyone can,” Gilbert added.

And while Gilbert said she recognizes the pressure child stars are often under - and that a high number of them have gone on to abuse drugs - she also noted that a steady career aided her.

“Work was ‘the safe place’ for me. I only went to work hungover once,” she said.

But when most kids don’t have intense, year-round jobs to focus on, Gilbert pointed out that celebs with addictions could also be a deterrent.

“Hopefully,” Gilbert said, “these kids in the public eye like Cyrus and Heath Ledger are cautionary tales.” (ANI)

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