Girl who shot Miley Cyrus’ bong video getting threats from angry fans

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MELBOURNE - The girl who filmed Miley Cyrus’ bong smoking video has been receiving threats of violence since the footage went viral.

Anna Oliver has been forced to deactivate her Twitter account after being threatened by angry Cyrus fans.

The video of Cyrus smoking from a bong packed with the hallucinogenic herb salvia hit the web on Saturday (AEST).

“OK, I’m about to lose it now. I’m having a little bit of a bad trip,” she said in the video after taking a long hit from the pipe at a party. reported that Oliver has been receiving threats of violence since the video went viral.

Messages sent to her include “What would you do if you met Anna Oliver? - Probably kick her teeth in,” and “Anna Oliver…..I Hate You.”

“Dear Anna Oliver, I know you want to be a little fame whore, but you’re not good at it,” read another message. “We hate your guts. Love, Everyone,” the Daily Telegraph quoted from a hate message.

Oliver has since deleted her Twitter account.

The video of Cyrus has had the dual effects of renewing the debate about the legality of salvia in California, and increasing sales of the herb in the state. (ANI)

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