Cheryl Cole, Ashley heading for a reunion?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

LONDON - Cheryl Cole has apparently started talking to ex-husband Ashley on a daily basis, sparking rumours they could be heading for a reunion.

The Geordie beauty is planning to spend Christmas with dancer Derek Hough and her mum Joan at her home in Herts.

The pair then plans to fly to Egypt for a romantic getaway in January.

But according to a close friend of Cheryl, love rat Ashley is trying to throw a spanner in the works by begging Cheryl to spend the festive period with him.

“Cheryl and Ashley have started speaking on the phone again pretty much every day,” the Daily Star quoted the pal as saying.

“They are constantly texting each other as well and it’s -starting to put a strain on her relationship with Derek.

“Cheryl’s admitted she still loves Ashley and can’t just walk away from him and Ashley knows this.

“As soon as Ashley found out Cheryl planned to spend Christmas with Derek he was straight on the phone to her and was extremely upset. He was trying to make her feel guilty, despite the fact they are divorced.

“Ashley still has a huge hold on Cheryl.

“Her mum Joan has intervened and told her to stop all contact with him but she refuses.

“Ashley has even told Cheryl he wants to meet up over the festive period and she’s told him she will think about it,” the pal added.

Dancing With The Stars professional Derek has been helping Cheryl to get her back on track since she divorced Ashley this year after he was caught cheating on her with numerous girls.

“Derek has been more than understanding with Cheryl and knows more than -anyone the hurt and pain she went through with Ashley,” the pal said

“But he’s getting impatient now. He said he doesn’t want to spend Christmas and New Year with the threat of Ashley’s constant - presence or Cheryl checking her phone every five minutes,” the pal added.(ANI)

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