Want to ask out a girl? Hire a ‘wing woman’!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

WASHINGTON - Too nervous to ask out that beautiful lady sipping a martini at the bar? Well, now you can hire a professional ‘wing woman’ who can approach the woman of your dreams on your behalf and in your company.

Reason: Women relate to women more amicably than men.

Susan Baxter, who launched a new dating service ‘Hire a Boston Wing Woman’ in September, said she already has an average of between 15 and 20 clients at any given time, reports ABC News.

“When I started this, and when I had the concept, I thought this would all be working men in their 30s or maybe 40s,” the 31-year-old entrepreneur said.

“Come to find out I have a lot of guys in their mid-20s too, I would say, mid-30s and there’s a couple of stragglers in their 40s,”she added.

The men pay Baxter to provide them with a professional wing woman who, for 65 dollars an hour, minimum of two hours, will accompany them to a bar or lounge and sidle up to attractive women with the ultimate goal of making that first introduction before fading into the background.

“It’s intimidating to go up to hot women or hot guys. I thought Boston could use it because it’s a really conservative city,” said Baxter. axter, who lives in Boston and has a degree in applied sociology, said her dozen or so employees begin the evening with a brief conversation with the client to get a feel for what type of women he’s interested in. They also discuss their own back story-are they friends? Cousins? Co-workers?

Once the client picks out a woman he would like to meet, the wing woman will then find a way to strike up a conversation with her and her friends.

So far, Baxter’s wing women have gotten good results. Testimonials on her website report that the clients have come away from the evening with a pocketful of numbers.

She said she came up with the concept for her business after years of providing a similar service for free for male and female friends.

“I kind of saw that it worked. I feel like I’m pretty good at it. I just discovered that there are people that have this innate ability to go up to people, have more confidence than other people,” she said.

Baxter said there were rules for both wing woman and the client - the wing woman needs to be sensitive to what the client is looking for and keep within the boundaries of what makes him comfortable, while the clients should remember that the wing woman is not a date and ‘Hire a Boston Wing Woman’ is not an escort service. (ANI)

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