Mel B gets flirty with actor in hubby’s absence

Thursday, November 25, 2010

LONDON - Spice Girls singer Melanie Brown a.k.a Mel B got a little close and personal with boxer turned actor Tamer Hassan while her husband was 5500 miles away.

Mel, 35, kissed the 42-year-old, sat on his lap and whispered into his ear at London’s Mayfair Hotel.he enjoyed a large glass of red wine and shots before the pair, who were briefly joined by another woman, got into a lift together at 2.30am.eanwhile Mel’s other half, record producer Stephen Belafonte, was in Los Angeles with their three children.

An onlooker at the hotel said Mel and married dad Tamer, who starred in blockbuster Clash of the Titans, “were being very intimate”.

“Mel’s behaviour was not what you’d expect from a married woman. Tamer was lapping it up and who can blame him?” the Sun quoted the onlooker as saying.owever, a spokeswoman for Mel said that the duo just has been long time friends and just met to talk.

“She was having a business meeting at the hotel. Tamer was also staying there and came over to say hello. They have been friends for 15 years and chatted. It’s nothing more than that,” said the spokeswoman. (ANI)

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