Jaspal Bhatti proposes a ‘right to scam’ for everyone

Thursday, November 25, 2010

CHANDIGARH - Comedian-actor Jaspal Bhatti wants a new right for the people of India - the ‘Right to Scam’.

In his own unique satirical style, Bhatti and his team from the ‘Nonsense Club’ Thursday enacted a play in Chandigarh’s commercial hub, Sector 17, appealing to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to allow the ‘Right to Scam’ for everyone.

“Right to scam shouldn’t be just the prerogative of powerful ministers but should be for everybody,” appealed Bhatti.

“The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan should be abandoned and a new scheme should be launched- ‘Sarva Ghotala Abhiyaan’. Every young and old should be taught to understand what a scam is and how to become a part of a scam,” Bhatti said.

He said that “all the countrymen should be congratulated on India becoming the land of scams. Leaders like A. Raja should be decorated with national awards because he has taken corruption to new heights”, he added.

“Earlier, the government used to be shaken with a scam of one crore. But now even a scam of the magnitude of Rs.1.67 lakh crores doesn’t raise a murmur. India can truly be hailed as a land of scams. Not many people would even know the number of zeroes in 1.67 lakh crores. Because a common man today cannot count the number of zeros in today’s multi-multi-crore scams. That is why they are not in a position to react,” he pointed out.

Paying respects to the founding father of scams Harshad Mehta, Bhatti said that personalities like Telgi, Kalmadi, Yeddyurappa, Ashok Chavan, Lalit Modi, A.Raja should be crowned as new ‘Navratnas of India’.

“Since the children are the future of our nation they should be taught the latest scam techniques at the primary level. The ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan’ may not guarantee jobs and placements but a thorough study of scams can help a child forge his way through college admissions and even get a job through his fake certificates,” Bhatti said.

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