Hearing-impaired girl walks ramp at Kochi’s fashion show

Saturday, November 20, 2010

KOCHI - A deaf girl walked the ramp at a fashion show in Kochi.

Eighteen-year-old Sophia M. Joe was crowned ‘Miss Congeniality’.

Joe, who was also a national-level shot-putter, was mentored by a choreographer Dallu, who says she would become a top model.

“I would like to appreciate her father and her mother. They never treated them like a girl like that and they used to come and tell me, ‘Dallu I want someone different from others, not a girl who cannot speak or hear.’ Anyways this contest has happened and she is fabulous. Definitely in another two-three years she will be a rocking model and Kerala would be proud of her,” said Dallu.

Joe’s friends and co-contestants admired her hard work and said they were confident of her success.

“Yeah, she is also very supporting because we do not want to show any actions to her. She will read from our lips. She is very beautiful on ramp,” said Shilpa Sanjeev, a model.

Joe is also a sport enthusiast and has won seven gold medals in shot put in state-level competitions. She also won a national championship in the sport but wants to pursue her career as a model. (ANI)

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