‘Darth Vader’ revealed Star Wars sequel two years before its release

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MELBOURNE - David Prowse, better known as Darth Vader, on screen in the first Star Wars film in 1977, revealed a glimpse of a possible plot for the second sequel two years before its release but went unnoticed, according to a fan.f you liked the first movie, he tells a thousand fans gathered for an autograph session, just wait for the next two films.

He then drops the bombshell of all movie bombshells.

“Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, the young hero in the first film played by Mark Hamill, are hooked up in a do-or-die lightsaber duel when Luke learns that Darth is, in fact, his long-lost father,” the News.com.au quoted Prowse as saying.

“Father can’t kill son, son can’t kill father.

“So they live again to star in Star Wars IV,” he said.

Websites scream “spoiler alert!” on their homepage, tucking the details away out of sight to avoid the wrath of readers.

Even the San Francisco Examiner wasn’t switched on. They buried the revelation in the last par, after noting that Prowse “offered a glimpse of a possible plot for the second sequel”.

The times have changed, obviously, but lucky for Star Wars fan “vinvectrex”, whose mom cut the article out for her seven-year-old son and it’s been tucked away in a folder for more than three decades.

“These days spoilers are pretty much inevitable,” he wrote at Retroist.com.

“Eventually I decided that I believed the article, and shared the news with my friends.

“They mocked me for making up such a crazy idea. Luke related to Vader - simply impossible.

“A while later we moved, so I never got to gloat that I was right about this when Empire hit the theatres. They probably forgot all about it.” (ANI)

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