Paramedics called as fans pass out watching Danny Boyle’s ‘127 hours’

Saturday, October 30, 2010

LONDON - Film fans threw up and passed out at the premiere of Danny Boyle’s shocking new movie ‘127 hours’.

Many of he fans even walked out in disgust during the movie, which tells the true story of American Aron Ralston, 35, who was trapped under a rock in a canyon for five days and has to cut his own arm off.he most harrowing moment sees the thrillseeker - played by Spiderman star James Franco - rip through muscle with pliers.

The celeb-packed audience was not able to cope with the gruesome scenes in the movie and paramedics had to treat a few of them.

“Loads of people were freaking out. I heard someone being sick behind me. It affected most of the audience. People were walking out like zombies, white as sheets,” the Sun quoted one movie-goer as saying.

Franco, 32, attended Thursday’s event at the London Film Festival with Brit Boyle and Aron and actor admitted people fainted during test-screenings.

“It’s not a horror film where the point is to gross people out. The real amputation took over 40 minutes. Our scene is a few minutes,” he said.

Boyle concluded saying, “We’d all do it and if you didn’t have a knife you’d chew it off. Animals do it all the time.” (ANI)

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