Nude show set to debut in UK

Thursday, October 28, 2010

LONDON - A choreographer, whose previous shows have featured scenes of simulated masturbation, is set to bring his work for the first time to Britain.

Dave St Pierre, who describes himself as the “enfant terrible” of the dance world, will make his London debut at Sadler’s Wells next year, announced the theatre’s chief executive, Alistair Spalding.

The show, named ‘Un Peu de Tendresse Bordel de Merde’, will feature 20 nude male and female dancers cavorting in blond wigs and will debut in June.

It is described as “leading the audience on a journey through their emotions as the performers leap with primal urgency, or lie crumpled and defeated on the ground, before climaxing in a moving finale”.

It had first been performed in Canada in May 2007, and the translation of its title is: ‘A little tenderness for crying out loud’.

“It’s very light-hearted, very funny, and takes performance to its limits,” the Independent quoted Spalding as saying.

“We are not interested in shocking people. When I first saw the show it was like a jet plane taking off. You need that fizz,” he added.

St Pierre on the other had has rejected the accusation that his work seeks to shock.

“My God, I’ve seen shows that I thought were extremely shocking but never enough to walk out,” he said.

“One of my scenes was a kind of suicide. That was reality. That was sadistic. I do theatre,” he added. (ANI)

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