Carmen Electra’s girl-on-girl kiss steams up fiance’s music video

Friday, October 22, 2010

LONDON - Former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra has set the screen on fire with a new raunchy video which has a steamy girl-on-girl kiss.

Electra appears in a risque video clip for alternative rock band Filter’s new single ‘No Love,’ which includes women in bondage-style clothes, raunchy dance routines and a steamy girl-on-girl kiss, reports the Daily Mail.

The actress has made the cameo as a favour to her fiance Rob Patterson, the band’s guitarist.

A preview clip of the video has revealed that two women wearing gas masks hold the 38-year-old captive.

Wearing a black lingerie-style outfit, Electra collapses, and is revived with oxygen from one of her captives.

The pair gazes seductively at each other, and although the scene is not revealed in the preview clip, sources have confirmed that a girl on girl kiss occurs.

According to E! News, video director Mark Racco said the kiss was included because it’s all about ‘temptation and seduction.’

One of the models in the video, Verina Marcel, added: “Carmen was so confident while filming. She’s such a natural.”

Electra became engaged to guitarist Rob Patterson, formerly of Korn and nu metal band Otep, after dating for less than a year in 2008. (ANI)

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