How 5ft 7Tom Cruise stands as tall as heel-wearing 5ft9 Cameron Diaz

Thursday, September 30, 2010

LONDON - When Tom Cruise arrived at the Tokyo premiere of ‘Knight and Day’ along side Cameron Diaz recently, he managed to match up the height of his 2 inches taller co-star. And now we can tell how.

At 5ft7, the actor, widely thought to wear inserts in his shoes, looked barely an inch shorter than his 5ft9 co-star, reports the Daily Mail.

The effect was heightened when the pair made clever use of a convenient staircase, with Cruise staying on step behind as they descended to meet the cameras.he 5ft7 star has appeared as tall as his 5ft9 wife Katie Holmes on various occasions, sparking speculation that he wears shoe lifts.

These are inserts that can be placed inside shoes in order to discreetly lift the man’s heel - and, thereby, his height.

A more extreme alternative, the so-called ‘elevator shoe’, sees the lift made an integral part of the footwear, allowing a man to boost his height by as much as four inches.

A full set of shoe lifts can cost 250 pounds, while a single pair of off-the-shelf elevator shoes will set you back between 50 pounds and 100 pounds, with bespoke pairs costing up to 1,700 pounds. (ANI)

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