Soon, dictionary to describe clothes like whorts, cardigowns, treggings

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LONDON - The changing fashion trend is seeing a number of new styles with new names coming up, which have left most shoppers baffled as to what exactly they are buying.

To ease customers’ confusion, department store Debenhams has decided to release a dictionary, as it feels no one understands the plethora of new descriptions and phrases emerging from the fashion industry.

Some of the terms and meanings included in the dictionary are cardigown (a long cardigan, belted like a dressing gown), whorts (thick, woolly winter shorts worn over tights), mube (a maxi tube dress) and treggings (leggings that look like trousers).

“It’s now easier to understand Sanskrit than some of the words commonly used by commentators within the fashion industry to describe garments,” the Daily Mail quoted Debenhams spokesman Lizzie Singleton as saying.

“Shakespeare managed to accurately describe the entire human condition using simple English, so we’re certain the fashion industry can do the same to describe a pair of trousers.

“It’s virtually a secret language, designed solely for fashion experts and people who spend every day reading fashion magazines,” Singleton added.

Other words in the dictionary are skorts (skirt-like shorts, or culottes), shoots (something in between a shoe and a boot), mandals (sandals for men), meggings (male leggings) and mace (male lace). (ANI)

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