George Michael plays pool in his own jail cell

Monday, September 20, 2010

WASHINGTON - George Michael has been spending most of his time in jail playing Pool.

The 47-year-old singer has been given his own cell in the jail’s “good behaviour unit”, outraging some cons.

Ex-Wham star Michael, who has been jailed for eight weeks for a drug-fuelled car crash, was transferred to the soft Suffolk jail from tough Pentonville on Friday.

Normally inmates have to share a cell but Michael was given one on his own.

“Normally you have to be on best behaviour to even be considered for that wing,” the Sun quoted Amel Sahbaz, whose brother Samel is in Highpoint, as saying.

“It is not fair that they treat celebrities in a special way just because they have the money,” Amel added.

The Ministry of Justice said it was unable to comment.

Michael can now watch TV and buy snacks but he’s spending most of his time in jail playing pool.

“He has been playing and mixing very well with people,” prison visitor Amanda Hunt said.

“He looks quite slim and old - but everyone says he seems friendly. I don’t think anyone is giving him a hard time,” Amanda added.

“He’s pretty good at pool,” said Steve Dench, another visitor. (ANI)

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