Mexican Independence Day 2010

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New York ( - Mexico, the fourth largest country in the Western Hemisphere and located south of the United States, will celebrate its 200 years of Independence with national and local public events on 16th September, 2010. Mexican Independence Day 2010 is the year of the bicentennial celebration of the Independence of Mexico. The family of Harrah’s Entertainment Las Vegas plans to honor and celebrate the holiday with true Mexican essence.

The country is commemorating 200 years of Independence from Spanish rule and 100 years of its revolution that began in 1910. Every 16th of September is celebrated Mexico’s Independence from Spanish rule by the Mexicans all over the world. This year in the 200 years of Mexico’s Independence, Las Vegas’ locals and visitors are all invited to enjoy the holiday with food and drink and live music at places like Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Bally’s Las Vegas, Imperial Palace etc.

After the discovery of America by Columbus, in 1521 around 500 Spanish soldiers came to Mexico to attack the contemporary empire Aztec. As the indigenous Mexicans were tired of various hardships imposed upon them by the empire, they decided to serve the Spaniards. But in the following centuries the scene got changed gradually with the Spaniards establishing colony in Mexico. It was in the early hours of September 16, 1810, that father Hidalgo, accompanied by several of his peers and followers, rang the bell of his church, calling everyone to fight for their liberty. Then the war of Independence lasted for 10 years.

Today the people of Mexico are very excited and elated to celebrate the fiesta, which is a party of festival. Now, the fiesta, consisted of colorful parades, music, dancing, eating, drinking, bullfights, rodeos and fireworks, is all well organized to provide entertainment to all the visitors on the eve of Mexican Independence Day.

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