Cocktail Launched In Kochi

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): In latest Malayalam movie news, Arunkumar who is a regular with the editing department of Priyadarshan would be directing a film named Cocktail. Only last week, the movie was released by Mammootty at the Hotel Highway Garden that’s located in Kochi. Cocktail stars Jayasurya, Samvrutha and Anoop Menon in the leading roles.

The film is about three people, who had never met, step into a big city. Their lives somehow get entwined, since they crave one similar thing. The news buzz says that the flick in a way follows a pattern as set by the Mexican director, Alejandro Gonsalvez Inarittu in his classic Amores Perros released back in 2000. The movie reportedly follows the format of multiplicity of stories converging into the ending of the film.

Earlier, Mani Ratnam from the southern movie industry had experimented with this style in Yuva in the year 2004; however it was quite unsuccessful. In recent times, the ground-breaking Vedam featuring Allu Arjun, Manoj Manchu, Anushka, Manoj Bajpai and Lekha followed the similar pattern. Anoop Menon, the scrip-writer for Cocktail claims that the film is a concoction of lots of characters as well as situations that should click with today’s movie going audience.

–Sampurn Wire

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