Cheyne Denies Blame In Henry & French Split

Monday, April 12, 2010

A woman who spent the night with LENNY HENRY 11 years ago has denied she is to blame for his split from wife DAWN FRENCH.

The Harry Potter funnywoman and her stand-up comic husband announced earlier this month (Apr10) that they have parted ways after 25 years of marriage.

Tabloid reports have accused Australian Merri Cheyne of breaking up the couple’s relationship, insisting the night the blonde spent in a hotel room with Henry in 1999 was the catalyst for the split.

But Cheyne, who has denied having sex with Henry, insists she had nothing to do with their marriage breakdown.

The 37 year old says, “It is nothing to do with me. If it was, their marriage would have broken up back then. If what happened didn’t split them up then, why would it do so now? Why would they end their relationship for something like that?

“If I saw him now, I wouldn’t know whether to throw up or faint. It is such bad memories… and it does not go away. Whenever their names are mentioned, so is mine. I’ve had that for 11 years now.”

The scandal and subsequent reports about other alleged infidelities sent the comedian/actor to rehab with depression issues - but Cheyne maintains it was her personal life and career that suffered.

She adds, “After the story broke, I took a real knock. I lost my job and my home. It was all a bit frightening. I have not laid eyes on him (since 1999). I haven’t heard a peep (from Henry). At the time, I was a bit angry and disappointed about that because he knew what it was like to be besieged by the press.”

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