Ricky Martin gathers stars to raise money for Haiti victims

Monday, February 22, 2010

LONDON - Ricky Martin is set to team up with Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and Eva Longoria to produce a charity video to raise funds for the earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

The She Bangs singer has formed the Ricky Martin Foundation/Habitat for Humanity Haiti Recovery Fund (RMFHaiti) to help the country destroyed by an earthquake in January.

Martin produced and appeared in the RMFHaiti video, calling upon viewers to send in donations. And now he has lavished praise on the trio and other co-stars Ellen DeGeneres, Carrie Underwood, Sofia Vergara, Chris Pine, Patti LaBelle, and Dave Matthews, among others, for helping in the cause.

“Because of each person’s donations of time, production resources, good will, positive energy and a lot of love, the Ricky Martin Foundation and Habitat for Humanity were able to create a united call-to-action to raise awareness and funds with three goals in mind: Rebuild hope. Rebuild homes. Rebuild Haiti.

Now, we need your help. Visit www.habitat.org/rmfhaiti to get involved or donate online any amount you can to the RMF/HFH Haiti Recovery Fund,” the Daily Express quoted Martin, as writing on the Habitat.org website. (ANI)

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