Nicola Roberts takes pet pooches to New Year’s Eve party!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

LONDON - ‘Girls Aloud’ star Nicola Roberts is so much in love with her pet pooches that she refuses to leave them alone for even a single moment.

The singer took along the two puppies Ronnie and Reggie she was given for Christmas at one of the New Year’s bashes.

“Nicola has taken her puppy pugs everywhere with her since she got them - it’s as if they are her children,” the Mirror quoted a friend as saying.

“She was in a real panic about what to do with them for New Year because she didn’t want to leave them home alone. So when the invite came from the Mayfair Hotel to attend their bash, she decided to take Ronnie and Reggie along too.

“The plan was to keep the dogs with her until the party got into full swing and then take them up to her room where she could keep a check on them,” the friend added.

But once Roberts hit the bottle it was left to her boyfriend Charlie Fennell to take care of her puppies.

“But she had one too many glasses of champagne and after midnight most of the dog-sitting was left to Charlie,” said the friend.

“She wasn’t feeling great and couldn’t stand the thought of clearing up after them.

“So poor Charlie was left in charge of the pooper scooper (just in case),” the friend added. (ANI)

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