Unconscious Jackson still had pulse when doctor found him

Monday, June 29, 2009

NEW YORK - Michael Jackson’s personal doctor has told officials that the King of Pop was unconscious when he reached him but still had a pulse, according to the doctor’s lawyers.

Dr Conrad Murray was quizzed for three hours by the Los Angeles Police Department on June 27.

He is suspected of injecting the singer with the potent painkiller Demerol before the star collapsed in his home.

Murray is also believed to have plunged a syringe into Jackson’s heart in his failed attempts to save him.

But, according to his lawyer Matthew B. Alford, Murray has told investigators that, contrary to reports, he did not give the 50-year-old the powerful painkillers in the hours before his death on June 25.

“He doesn’t know what caused this,” the New York Times quoted Alford as saying.

Homicide detectives investigating the death have insisted it is not a criminal investigation, and that they interviewed Murray to know what happened in the finals moments of Jackson’s life.

The coroner’s examination recently ruled out foul play though the exact cause of the singer’s death is yet to be determined.

A spokesman confirmed that Jackson was on prescription medicine, but refused to say whether that might have led to the singer’s demise.

The Jackson family reportedly carried out their own private second autopsy to gather evidence for a legal battle if anybody found to be responsible was not brought to justice. (ANI)

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