Big Brother 12 Winner Announced

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Los Angeles ( - After spending the entire summers 24/7 under cameras the house mates were released and they went back to their respective worlds. They remained literally under microscope day and night isolated from real world and following the instructions given by the Big Brother.

For the season 12 Big brother house had 13 lucky mates. The 13 contestants running for the Big cash prize of $500,000 were Andrew Gordon, Britney Haynes, Rachel Reilly, Kristen Bitting, Kathy Hillis, Brendon Villegas, Hayden Moss, Annie Whittington, Enzo Palumbo, Monet Stunson, Matt Hoffman, Lane Ellensburg and Ragan Fox.

Out of the above the 13 the real lucky one was “The Animal” as he is popularly called off. The winner is Hayden Moss. The 24 year old college student from Tempe, Arizona defeated “The Beast” real name Lane Ellensburg a Texan in a head to head game in the Grand Finale of Celebrity Big Brother on Wednesday night. He won the votes of 4 of 3 and took away the winner tag.

The athlete and former basketball player was liked by most of the people in the household. His caliber was his loyalty to his brigade. He made new bonds apart from his own brigade.

There was no runaway in this season making it tougher for the house mates to play the game. The winner was decided by who wins the Head of the House competition. Moss won the Head Of the House competition which meant it depended on him to choose his own competitor. He picked Lana one of his own brigades over the Enzo. Then the Jury voting started. In the final voting, Kathy Hillis, Matt Hoffman, Enzo Palumbo and Ragan Fox voted for Hayden. Britney Haynes, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas voted for Lane.

Therefore, Hayden was declared the winner of season 12 of Celebrity Big Brother. He took away the cash worth $500,000. Lane was owner of 50,000 and Britney got America’s Favorite Houseguest title with cash of $25,000. Though it’s not told by Moss himself but it is heard that a part of cash won by him would go to his sister to pay back her education loan.

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