Annie Parisse In “The Pacific”

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Monday, May 3, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( The latest episode of the newest HBO original series, ‘The Pacific,’ turned out to be a treat in the real sense of the word. It turned out even more that way because of Annie Parisse, the one who played the role of Sergeant Lena Riggi. Set in the backdrop of the second world war, the eighth episode of the series portrayed beautifully the romance between Sergeant Lena Riggi and Basilone, the actual protagonist of the story. However, in the latest episode, it is Annie Parisse as Sergeant Lena Riggi who actually narrates the tale. Through her characterization of the role, the character comes alive, as does the story, and the romance between the two almost becomes the heart of the tale.

This is not the first appearance for the actress in “The Pacific.” Before this, Annie Parisse had also assayed the same role in another episode, entitled ‘Home.’ In the latest episode, titled ‘Iwo Jima,’ she plays the character of Sergeant Lena Riggi to perfection, the role of a no-nonsense soldier. Initially, her response to the persecutions of Basilone range from intolerance to indifference, but as time passes, she slowly falls for his charms and then right into his arms.

Annie Parisse plays the role to perfection, and the transformation of her feelings are wonderfully portrayed. Initially, she totally underplays her role, but the intensity grows as time passes. Her portrayal of the rather tough character goes on to prove as to how and why she is one of the most demanded actresses on television. Annie Parisse has appeared in series like “Law And Order” and “Beverley Hills.”

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