Chuck Berry Faints On Stage
CHICAGO ( Legendary singer/guitarist Chuck Berry shocked the audience of Chicago's Congress Theater when he fainted on stage, while giving his performance on Saturday.
Kyla Weber Becomes A Proud Mom
CHICAGO ( Kyla Weber and her husband actor Vince Vaughn are super excited with the birth of their first baby, Locklyn Kyla Vaughn.
Oprah Winfrey Unveils Favorite Things Of 2010
CHICAGO ( The highly anticipated of 'Oprah' episode is here and this year it gets bigger and better.
Crystal Bowersox Weds Brian Walker
CHICAGO ( The "American Idol" season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox has finally moved on with her life after suffering a break up with her former boyfriend Tony Kusian.

CHICAGO - Albertina Walker's singing once stopped the filming of a movie because so many actors were moved to tears by the "Queen of Gospel." At home in Chicago, she babied her beloved French poodles, wore rhinestone sunglasses and was a fixture at the city's gospel music festival.
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