Moore moved into Kutcher’s home just days after their first meeting

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LONDON - In an interview, Ashton Kutcher has revealed that Demi Moore moved into his bachelor pad less than two weeks after they started dating.

The actor also revealed how his friend helped to keep female admirers, who continued to turn up to his house unaware that he was now a taken man, at bay.

The Hollywood pair started dating in 2003 during a whirlwind romance and they married two years later (05).

Reformed Lothario Kutcher fell straight into a serious relationship with Moore after asking the actress and her three daughters to move in with him just days after their first meeting - but his home was still targeted by keen fans turning up at his front door unannounced.

“It was really quick. I was sort of going out and having my fun and being extremely single… and then I met Demi and within about two weeks she moved into my bachelor pad that I was living in with a buddy of mine and my buddy refused to move out,” the Daily Star quoted him as telling TV host Graham Norton.

“But (I) didn’t just move her in, she moved in (with) my three now stepdaughters… this was after about two weeks, a week and a half. She was moving to Los Angeles and she was going to rent a house so I was like, ‘Why would you rent a house? Just come stay with me.’

“And then I didn’t really think about the fact, I mean my buddy and I had been living in this house for a while and he really refused to leave. But it was kind of a good thing because it would be the middle of the night… and there would be strangers coming up and ringing the doorbell to come have a visit and he would do a lot of intercepting for me that was very, very handy… It takes a while to slow that train down!

“(I was) trying to keep my relationship with Demi private because we don’t want all the press and we managed to do it for a month but you know, in keeping it private I couldn’t like send out a memo to everyone. So my buddy would kind of curb people at the door and it kinda worked out. Eight years later (we’re still together). In Hollywood terms that’s like 81 (years)!” he added. (ANI)

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