Facebook bans naked UK woman’s Demi Moore-like baby bump photo

Monday, February 21, 2011

LONDON - “If Demi Moore can do it, why can’t I?,” questions a pregnant woman in London, who got herself photographed in Demi Moore’s famous naked pregnancy pose.

Angela Hurst got a professional snapper to set up the tasteful shot, reports the Sun.

Just like Ghost actress Demi - whose photo was on Vanity Fair’s cover in August 1991 - she covered her modesty.

So proud was Angela of the result, that she made it her profile picture.

However, the mum-to-be was left stunned when just three days later, Facebook removed it because its terms of use bar “nudity”.

Angela, 34, of Lee-on-Solent, Hants, said, “The picture was a bit of fun and not at all seedy - all my ‘bits’ were covered.

“I had a lot of messages from people, particularly women, saying how much they loved it.

“It was something nice to remember my pregnancy by and was not sexual - and if Demi Moore can do it, why can’t I?”

Husband David, 32, said, “The picture’s lovely. This is a huge over-reaction.”

A spokesman for Facebook said: “Our rules prohibit nudity on the site.” (ANI)

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