CNN anchor, Lady Gaga ‘get up close and personal over Irish whiskey’

Monday, November 29, 2010

NEW YORK - Anderson Cooper, CNN’s silver fox, revealed how he and Lady Gaga got up close and personal - all over a little Irish whiskey.

Cooper, who interviewed the singer for an upcoming segment for “60 Minutes,” says Gaga got him so liquored up on one of their meetings that he actually struggled to do his job.

“I was really interested to meet Lady Gaga. She’s obviously a fascinating person. We actually ended up [one] day in a pub in London drinking Jameson, which I don’t really drink,” the New York Daily News quoted him as telling The Insider.

“So, she got me to drink like two of them, and by the end I was ready to have the interview be over because I really sort of couldn’t ask any more questions,” he added.

Cooper said he found the experience “really interesting.”

“To be able to spend a couple of weekends with her in various places over the course of several months, it’s really cool,” he said.

“I’m learning stuff about her I never saw before.”

His interview with Lady Gaga is slated to air February 13th, 2011, the night of the Grammy Awards. (ANI)

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