New ‘whipped cream with alcohol’ is the latest binge-drinking tool!

Monday, November 29, 2010

NEW YORK - A new alcohol-infused whipped cream has hit the market and is being hailed as a new favourite college binge-drinking tool.

A source told the Boston Herald that the Massachusetts Alcohol Beverages Commission would be closely monitoring the alcoholic treat.

There are two brands of the whipped cream - Canisters of Cream and Whipped Lightning - and it comes in a variety of flavours including Caramel Pecan, Chocolate, Hazelnut Espresso and more, depending on the brand.

Canisters of Cream is 30 proof while Whipped Lightning is 36 proof - and is cheaper than most liquor.

“Whipped cream’s not just for kids anymore. It’s all about style and sophistication,” the New York Daily News quoted Whipped Lightning saying on its website.

College kids find it the perfect topping for Jell-O shots (liquor infused Jell-O served in small dixie cups) or just an easy way to get hammered.

“You definitely know that there’s alcohol in it,” Max Pendolari, who manages a liquor store in Boston told local television station WCVB.

“You could use it to top off your cocktail. You could use it to top off your hot chocolate,” he added.

Chris Guiher, the CEO of Kingfish Spirits of Cleveland, which makes Canisters of Cream, told the paper his product was well within the law - and was marketed responsibly. (ANI)

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