Now, keep your business ‘afloat’ with the H2Office!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

LONDON - Now there’s a fresh, innovative approach to long and boring meetings at work - the H2Office - that allows entrepreneurs and creatives alike to meet in a serene and futuristic waterfront setting.

Designed by a Cardiff based company, WaterSpace, the stylish prefabricated floating structures have large windows designed to allow the beauty of the surrounding marine environment into the office space.

Each office is nine metres long, 3.7 metres wide and 3.7 metres high with an internal working and sitting area of almost 23 square metres.

You can’t sail in it like in yachts or canal boats, but these “water offices” give fresh access to marinas and quays for businesses wishing to take advantage of the tranquillity of marinas and harbours around the UK.

“It is a completely different, cool and quirky place to work. The unit can be moved to a different view, marina or country really quickly and easily,” the Daily Mail quoted WaterSpace Sales Director, Steve Evans, as saying.

“It is just great to be working at the panoramic view window looking out to the marina outside. We have some great space, all the mod cons and if the sun shines we enjoy drinks, lunch and meetings on deck,” he added.

The team behind the project hope to have a prototype of the H2 Home ready by early next year. (ANI)

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