‘Walking Dead’s’ zombies ‘no match for hot vampires’

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NEW YORK - Both zombies and vampires may be ‘undead’, but when it comes to good looks, no one can one up the fanged mythical hotties.

AMC and Fox are hiring several hundred zombies to “invade” the bridge during rush hour as a promotion gimmick for “The Walking Dead,” a new series starting on AMC Sunday night, reports the New York Daily News.

But it’s not going to be easy.

For starters, vampires can look like real people. They can look like Paul Wesley in ‘Vampire Diaries,’ who is smouldering hot, or like Robert Pattinson in ‘Twilight,’ who is smouldering cool.

That means vampire tales can broaden their appeal by incorporating steamy romance, as long as everyone goes easy on the love bites.

Zombies, on the other hand, can’t even speak, which limits their potential character development, and they don’t have a lot of options even for something as simple as walking.

But as this week’s latest round of visitations confirms, the walking dead aren’t giving up.

If nothing else, they still have a pop music triumph that vampires have never come close to touching. Just 46 years ago this fall, the British Invasion band the Zombies hit No. 2 on the national charts with “She’s Not There.” (ANI)

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