Meet minimalist celebs - Robert Pattinson, Steve Jobs, Michael Bloomberg

Sunday, October 24, 2010

WASHINGTON - Actor Vincent Kartheiser, Robert Pattinson, singer Jane Siberry, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are among the minimalist celebrities, who are rich but like to shun material goods.

‘Mad Men’ actor Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell, lives without a car or a toilet.

“Because I don’t have a car I don’t really go anywhere to buy things. In fact, I have been in a slow process of selling and giving away everything I own … It started a couple of years ago,” ABC News quoted Vincent as telling The Guardian.

“It was in response to going to these Golden Globe type events and they just give you stuff. You don’t want it. You don’t use it … One day, I looked around and thought ‘I don’t want this stuff, I didn’t ask for it.’ So I started giving it to friends or charity stores, or if it is still in its box, I might sell it for a hundred bucks. I liked it so I didn’t stop,” he said.

“Twilight” star Pattinson probably gets lots of presents from fans and brands that want to be associated with his pretty mug, but apparently, he’s not into material things.

“I’m not one for comforts and stuff. I think I can kind of do without most things. I bought a really nice guitar recently, which is the only thing I’ve ever really spent a lot of money on,” he said.

“But that’s the only thing. I had my apartment in London before when I was unemployed-this tiny little place and I liked it more. You had to walk through a restaurant kitchen and up this staircase filled with trash and there’s no heating. I like that. But now it’s quite difficult. I can’t live in places like that anymore,” he said.

Siberry decided to downsize her life by getting rid of most of her belongings and making her music free.

All 16 of her albums can be downloaded on her website and now she lives in a log cabin in northern Ontario which you can’t even get to in the winter.

Sibbery said, “It was about removing everything that was at odds with my concept of music,” which actually kind of makes sense.

Jobs not only makes streamlined laptops, he also lives minimalistically. I remember going into Steve’s house and he had almost no furniture in it. He just had a picture of Einstein, whom he admired greatly, and he had a Tiffany lamp and a chair and a bed,” former Apple CEO John Sculley said.

“He just didn’t believe in having lots of things around but he was incredibly careful in what he selected. The same thing was true with Apple … I think that reflects everything that I have ever seen that Steve has touched,” he adde.

Even though Bloomberg is a mega billionaire, he recently admitted that he only owns six pairs of shoes. (ANI)

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