Pregnant Alicia Keys ‘wants to teach her child about charity’

Saturday, October 2, 2010

WASHINGTON - Pregnant Alicia Keys has said that it is important to teach her child about the impact of charity.

The singer, along with husband Swizz Beatz, planned, hosted and performed at the seventh annual Black Ball for her ‘Keep a Child Alive’ foundation in New York.

Keys, who co-founded the organization to raise money and provide treatment to families affected by HIV/AIDS, said she will make sure her child is involved in charity too.

“The baby is going to see everything we do and I think that we are giving individuals [even] something small like reaching out to one person in the world can change that one person. That’s a big deal. I plan to show that to my child,” People quoted Alicia as saying.

Husband Swizz Beatz served as an ambassador to the charity.

At the event, Keys, Sade, Janelle Monae and Jay-Z all performed for an audience, which included Usher, Whitney Houston, Uma Thurman, and Jane Krakowski.

The ball raised 2.4 million dollars for AIDS care in Africa and India and launched the new ‘Buy Life’ campaign. (ANI)

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