Holmes Considers Taking The Plunge With The Polar Bear Club

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KATIE HOLMES is considering an icy plunge with the Polar Bear Club in Coney Island, New York after stripping off for a swim in her new movie THE ROMANTICS.

The actress admits the thrill of hitting the waters of a New York lake wearing nothing but her underwear for a scene in the film was something she’d like to repeat for real - and so she’s eyeing the Polar Bear Club’s annual New Year’s Day stunt.

Holmes prepared for the plunge by dancing with castmate Malin Akerman before heading into the winter waters, but breaking into a sweat did nothing to ease the big chill.

She tells BlogTalkRadio.com, “I understand people’s idea of, ‘Oh, let’s do that.’ I can appreciate it because there is a thrill aspect, so I’m glad I did it, but I still can’t feel anything anymore because it was so cold!

“I don’t need to do it again. I feel like we did it and it was thrilling. But when I see the Polar Bear people now, I think it’s cool. I might do it once (more). It’s good for your circulation!”

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