Katona’s ex-hubby may fight for children’s custody

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LONDON - Kerry Katona’s ex-hubby Brian McFadden does not want his children to stay with their mother and has almost made up his mind to fight for their custody rights, it has emerged.

The former Westlife star is enraged that Katona snorted cocaine while the children were at home. He believes the children are no longer safe with the drug addict mum and is already talking to his fiancée Delta Goodrem and lawyers about the custody issue.

The Sun quoted a source as saying: “He is talking to Delta and lawyers to see what arrangements they can make about his kids.

“He no longer wants them to stay with Kerry. He no longer feels they are safe.”cFadden is also worried that the sacking of Katona as the face of Iceland foods will leave her too broke to look after seven year-old Molly, and one year younger Lilly Sue.

A friend said: “He is a fantastic father…this has shaken him to the core.

“He draws some comfort from the fact Kerry has a nanny. But now how will she be able to go on affording one?”

“Brian realises he has a duty of care to his children and that is his priority…He will not see them put at any kind of risk,” a pal said. (ANI)

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August 30, 2009: 5:59 pm

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