US drama ‘24′ voted Most Addictive TV series of all time

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LONDON - American drama ‘24′ has been voted the Most Addictive TV series in a survey of more than 3000 film and TV fans.

According to the poll, headed by, the show, that tells the story of Jack Bauer at the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit, topped the list with 19 per cent votes in its favour.

“Lost” bagged the second spot with 17 per cent votes, followed by “Friends” at 10 per cent, reports The Telegraph.

“Heroes” came in fourth with 9 per cent votes and wrapping up the top five was “The Wire”, on seven per cent.

Darren Bignell, Communications Manager of the website, said: “We’re a nation of comfort lovers and the thought of curling up on the sofa with our favourite programmes is a very tempting one.

“Although crime doesn’t pay, as our list reveals, it most certainly pulls in the viewers, and shows like 24 have clearly found the right mix of suspense, drama and action to keep us coming back for more.”

The list of Most Addictive TV series:

1. 24 - 19 per cent

2. Lost - 17 per cent

3. Friends - 10 per cent

4. Heroes - 9 per cent

5. The Wire - 7 per cent

6. Dr Who - 6 per cent

7. CSI - 5 per cent

8. Prison Break - 4 per cent

9. The Sopranos - 3 per cent

10. Sex and the City - 2 per cent (ANI)

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