Kavya Madhavan divorce: marriage photos

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kavya-Madhavan-weddingAs per the latest news reports, actress Kavya Madhavan has decided to seek divorce, it is a matter of time not, she already started the divorce procedure at the the family court in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

On 5th February 2009 Kavya Madhavan and got married with Nishal Chandra at Kollur Mookambika. They also arranged a grand reception for their friends from the film fraternity at Le Meridien in Ernakulam.


Even Kavya announced that she would leave acting to settle in her family life. Her last movie was Ee Pattanathil Bhootham. After marriage, she went to Kuwait to Kavyastay with her husband.

Presently for the past one month Kavya is staying at her house in Ernakulam . However as per internal sources, she had been advised by her advocate that at least one year separation is required for filing divorce petition. The actress has not been available to comment on this news.

But according to the actress family, Kavya has been cheated. The brother of her husband also got married the same way and eventually divorced his wife later, it appears to be a common practice of the family.

July 24, 2010: 11:44 am

kavya i think now u hav got rid of th past bad memorable moments. be cheereful, a man with full of luv awaits u…he is smiling infront of u…don’t u c him???

February 8, 2010: 3:50 am


Dont think about past ,u have better future in ur profession u continue ur perfomance…..
Wish u all the best.
Regards Jinu

January 17, 2010: 9:56 pm

hai kavya frget the past .eni yekilum love the person who loves u not ur money

January 3, 2010: 5:30 am

Hi kaviya,Think this incident as a bad dream and get back to your routine works,though i had not yet seen any of your pic’s I admire all your aspects.god bless you,Dont mind about the past and any of the gossips about you or about your family be cheered.

November 30, 2009: 2:04 am

kavya, you are always in our heart. erase the past and move forward. there is a new life that awaits you.ignore all bad,negative comments.

November 30, 2009: 2:01 am

pls leave kavya alone. she was and is the only malayalam actress I admire for not only being
beautifulin the most traditional way, but also who never compromised on her ideals.bad times do come, but then that is life. kavya, forget what has happened. igonore all negative vibes and comments. put your
thoughts into things that are constructive. a new life
awaits you, and i know that you will surely find
a suitable companion.

satish vizag AndharaPradesh
October 25, 2009: 7:40 am

Hi Kavya i dont known anything about u but i had seen a movie which was dubbed in telegu from that point of time i became biggest fan of u in that u look like an angle i like ur eyes verymuch anywhere i wish all the best what ever u do i like u so much

October 8, 2009: 1:41 am

ya da patti prakasha i know very well it is u nishal

August 9, 2009: 11:07 am

hi friends

i am from nileshwer………. very near to kavya’s house….. kavyas father had a small textile in the town (Supriya tex)… he is good…but her mother is bassically prostitute….. once her father try to sucide regarding this reson…….
when kavya was studeing in rajas highschool she was good perfomer then she got selection from school, district and state……. that time one Mr. aravindan manikkoth he is cheaf editer of latest news paper publishing from khanhangad……. he have very good relationship with richest persons in khnhangad… when aravindan manikoth came to kavya’s house for her first intervew he made a relationship with her mother…….. and some times we saw he is a regular visiter that house also every day he wrote in his news paper about kavya.. + to + ..aslo he send kavya mother to one Mr. Kunhahammed Chiarman of Mansur Hospital…….. he is a multi millinor in there…… the she stoped the lockal prostitudism. the she restarted high class escorts with vips……… that is a basic of kavyas family
kavyas mother only like money………………
last 5-6 years i dont know anything kavya and her family but i know one thing her fater is a good person…………

“amma puzha chadiyal makkal kadal chadumenna pazhamozhi”

August 1, 2009: 11:32 am

KAVYA…i knw u r hrt..bt be strng as alwayz..cos may be u hv 2 face smthn tht realy gona hrt u..t.c..

July 28, 2009: 12:20 pm

we are with u kavya …goahead.He is not right for u.he wants to shine in your popularity…and an idiot not suitable for you.

July 27, 2009: 9:54 pm

To whoever wants to know the truth:

The reason is kavya’s hubby’s family. Nishal’s mom is a total BIATCH and her both son’s are mama’s boys.
The elder one , a doctor got married to a good looking girl from a weathly family and didn’t even see their first born(only child) for the
first 2+ years(i meant never in 2 years). Finally once kavya stepped in , the biatch Moni mohan(tat’s Nisha’s mom’s name) and her elder son bought her back.
She(the elder daughter in law) was treated miserable in kuwaitand she went back(i guess) because of the kid. Girl , this is the right time for you also
to file a divorce. I am not sure how the laws in kuwait are , but is there any way possible for getting that Mani mohan in jail???

The way how it works in Nishal’s family is that his mom takes all decisions and persuade their son’s to make their wife’s lives
miserable. The helpless daughter in laws stays back, but kavya might have seen the episodes with elder daughter in law and flew away .
Check out the link here . it was published on june 24 http://www.kollywoodtoday.com/news/kavya-madhavan-back-to-acting/
” Kavya while speaking about this said,” I am living happily with my husband in Kuwait.
But lots of people are compelling me to act. My husband has also permitted me to act if I was willing. I will be coming to India next month. I will be listening to lot of stories at that time. If I like the story I will act. Since I am married I have a lot of responsibly so I will be careful in choosing my roles.””
You can see someone forcing her to act.When i read that , i knew that stupid mani will be putting pressure for money. Poor girl,all she wanted was a nice family life.

Also, i heard that kavya’s time(samayam) is really bad (not good for marriage), though nishants family convinced them to marriage saying tat it’s a good match. Here , I can only blame
kavya’s parents and mithun(her brother) for not enquiring abt nisha’s family thoroughly. Well, when u look at them they all look good , aint it?Ofcourse he’s well educated, looks like a pig and from a respectable/wealthy family, however sources says that they are not wealthy as they claim to be.

I strongly fear that nishal will win the case because they are extremely good in doing bad stuff. On the other hand, god being a great guy found a way to show the worst_mother_in_law to the whole world.
Every single person in the world hates her. When i was talking to a friend of mine, she said she took a print out of nishal and made marks on his face with knife and just spit at his mom’s face

On a different note,Also heard that Nishal’s mom’s name was Jagadamma and she thought it’s not stylish so changed to Mani mohan. Have you noticed her in video clippings. A typical bad MIL is written all over her face….I just HATE her - Just Kill yourself mani mohan ..Podi patti

July 25, 2009: 3:59 pm

i am ansheer i am loving for u i want to marrage for ru intresting me pls call me kavya 00971558534010 i love u too much i am not cheating ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee take care

July 24, 2009: 10:49 pm

ohh comnn ….Dont slander the guy “& his fly.She is an equal bi*ch.Cant expect the splendor of the media field,having people to assist you even to take a leak; in a married life !

July 23, 2009: 9:48 pm

The main reason for this divorce is some pictures nishal has got after the marriage.
Kavya is not a virgin , thats why they want to get divorce

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