Sajid-Wajid open personal channel on Youtube

Saturday, February 26, 2011

MUMBAI - Music-composer duo Sajid-Wajid tread a new path to reach their audience. They have opened a channel by their name on Youtube, a video-sharing website, and claim to be the first to do something like that in the Bollywood music fraternity.

“I haven’t announced it officially. I think I am the first person from Bollywood to have a channel on Youtube. It’s so beautiful and so nice and it’s just a first step of mine and I want to take this to a different level,” Sajid told IANS.

“I always believe in not to talk and prove myself. I am very new right now and there are lots of difficulties that I am facing but I am covering up everything,” he said.

Asked what made him resort to the web, Sajid said: “I was always a very electronic savvy guy and the thing is I think as I have got all the awards and as now my listeners really want to listen to me, they look at me, so I think this is the right time and I have taken one step ahead in electronics.”

Though the channel is in its nascent state, Sajid is happy that it has already started creating a buzz among his listeners.

“Good thing is I have already started getting international calls and people are talking about it.”

It would be a very personal channel, which would cover everything about the duo and offer the techniques of making good music, said Sajid.

“It’s a fantastic medium and (will include) all my interviews and everything of mine, be it my award functions and my songs. I want to come out with my childhood, how we grew to be music composers. We want to make it a very personal channel of Sajid-Wajid, educate people and show them the right way of doing music.”

Sajid plans to launch the channel officially after they complete uploading contents of their choice.

“Until now, I have loaded very few things but they are interesting and once I load lots of things then I will launch it officially. I have updated lots of interviews with stars. All the different kind of music I play, everything will come in this channel,” said Sajid.

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