Bardem puts himself at risk

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LONDON - Javier Bardem likes to put himself “at risk” as an actor.

The Spanish actor, who has previously played gay and paralysed characters in his movies, doesn’t like the idea of simply turning up and delivering lines and always wants to relate to the role he is in, reports

“It’s not a movie to just deliver lines and go home. An actor wants to portray somebody honestly and if you want to get to that honest place, you have to put yourself sometimes at risk,” he said.

Javier, 41, recently revealed he thinks of his characters like “buildings”, and he enjoys constructing them from the base up.

“A character is like a building. I’ve never studied architecture, but I imagine that first you have to prepare the plans, lay down the base, a solid base that has to do with the character, and from there build it up,” he said.

“Once this is all clear, you can add the details: I want blue walls, I want wood floors, I want him to speak this way or move like that. But first you have to think,” he added.

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